At the Haworth Academic Center, we recognize that everyone learns differently.

That's why all Haworth tutors are trained to find and build on each student's individual abilities and interests -- and to cultivate life-long learning skills as well as subject mastery. Even our comfortable environment is designed to stimulate inquiry and to encourage reflection.

At the Haworth Center, we help students discover -- or rediscover -- the joy of learning and the sense of achievement that everyone needs to succeed.

And by the way, is the Haworth globe really upside down?

Dr. Wayne Shorey, Haworth director and tutor, holds a Ph.D. from Northwestern University in history, with research specialties ranging from medieval European heresy to American Puritanism to East Asian folk culture. He served for many years as a college professor and dean, both in the U.S. and overseas. He also has many years of high school teaching experience, as a private school headmaster and public school teacher/tutor. Dr. Shorey has lectured widely on topics in history and philosophy, as well as on various social, educational, and family issues. He spent almost twenty years in East Asia (Japan and Korea), and lived and worked in Tanzania and Alaska. For the past several years, he has concentrated on various writing and research projects, including scholarly articles, works of popular history, and several philosophical novels.

Janna Kaufman, Haworth co-director, holds a B.A. in fine arts and English and earned her master's degree in journalism from Temple University. She has taught art and English on both the elementary and high school levels and spent five years on the communications faculty of Rowan University. In addition to teaching at the Haworth Center, she is a founding partner of J Group, a advertising and public relations firm. She is also on the faculty of the University of Maine's Division of Lifelong Learning for which she develops and teaches a variety of corporate seminars in business writing and communications.

The Haworth Name

The Haworth Parsonage, in Haworth Township, Yorkshire, England, was the home of the Brontes, a remarkable literary family including the famous novelist-sisters Charlotte (Jane Eyre, Villette), Emily (Wuthering Heights), and Anne (Agnes Grey, Tenant of Wildfell Hall).  All six of the Bronte siblings (two of whom died as children) were raised at Haworth, which is located in a remote part of the English moors.  In this isolation, the Bronte children created for themselves a rich life of imagination, literature and poetry.  Because of this, the name 'Haworth' has come to represent to us a place that is a crucible of creativity, inner richness, vigorous thinking, and art.



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