Individualized Tutoring

Available for all ages and subjects! 

Math:  Elementary through calculus

Languages:  Spanish, Italian, French, German, Japanese

Science: Elementary through biology, chemistry and physics

Writing: Basic sentence structure and grammar through college level and business writing and communications -- all taught in ways that capture attention and foster both logical and creative thinking.

Haworth one-on-one tutoring can take many different forms, not only adapting to the needs and learning strengths of each individual student, but also adjusting at a moment's notice to an unexpected school project, a difficult assignment, or an upcoming test. No two sessions are alike, as our tutors continually seek the most creative, encouraging, effective ways to help students toward academic success.

Other Tutoring Emphases

These topics can be taught either as intensive concentrations or as themes woven into all of our customized subject tutoring, according to individual needs:

  • Study Skills: Beginning with an initial individualized study skills assessment, this Haworth curriculum can be adapted to any grade level, teaching skills not only for immediate academic improvement, but also as a foundation for the next level of learning. Instilling principles of memorization, time management, preparation techniques for all kinds of tests and exams, critical reading and reading comprehension, note-taking, research paper strategies, essay-writing, and more, Haworth study skills tutors help each student make the most of elementary school, middle school, high school, or college.
  • College Skills: This advanced study skills curriculum is designed not only for high school juniors and seniors as an intensive preparation for college, but also as an indispensable reinforcement for students already in college. It teaches practical time organization, several alternative techniques of note-taking, advanced memory strategies, academic essay-writing and research, principles of critical reading, preparation for all types of college exams, and more. This course also begins with a Haworth study skills assessment of each student.
  • Academic Writing: This rigorous course is useful for improving the writing skills of any high school or college student. It begins with a writing assessment of each student, and goes on to teach principles for all kinds of academic writing, including essays, thesis projects, and research papers. All aspects of academic writing will be addressed, including subject choice, thesis formulation, outlining and organization, research strategies, note-taking, bibliography selection, effective expression, proofreading, and editing.
  • Creative Writing: For any age, this tutoring option is available for anyone who wants to write, either for publication or personal pleasure. Haworth tutors are available for creative or technical input, proofreading and editing, encouragement, or whatever you need.

Haworth Academy / Mastery Course Program

Haworth Mastery Courses are highly individualized programs of study specially designed for each student and based on the tutorial system. Because of this personalized style of instruction, a student may enter the Haworth Mastery Course program at any point in the calendar year and enroll in as many courses as desired.

Without sacrificing principles of academic excellence and intellectual integrity, Haworth Mastery Courses are designed to be accessible to every student, from the most challenged to the most gifted. Each studentís program is adapted to his/her learning styles, areas of interest, future goals, and personal preferences.

The complete Haworth Mastery Course Program is based on Maine education requirements for graduation, and is also an unparalleled preparatory program for any college or university, as well as an excellent resource for home-schooled students and parents.

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